Case Management

Our case managers act as a medium between the injured worker, physicians, employer, attorneys, and the carrier to facilitate medical treatment and quick return-to-work in the most efficient and cost effective manner. When a medical case manager is assigned, he or she meets with the injured individual and the physicians, establishing face-to face-contact and communication, which is maintained for the duration of the file. The case manager works to ensure the injured individual receives the best medical care possible—as soon as possible—thereby facilitating a safe and timely return-to-work. This organized effort helps to control costs and provide meaningful medical care.

  • Medical Case Management
  • Catastophic Case Management
  • Telephonic Case Management
  • Bilingual Case Management
  • First Report of Injury Intake (24/7 Calls)
  • Vocational Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Disease Management
  • Senior Care Management
  • Long Term Care Management

Services Details

Medical Case Management

Quinlan's seasoned medical case managers focus on facilitating prompt return-to-work and optimal case resolution through goal directed planning specific to each referral. They will discuss job descriptions and possible modifications when reviewing restrictions with treating physicians. In addition, our case managers can help identify any pre-existing pathology which may be impacting recovery from the current work injury.

Telephonic Case Management

Quinlan’s flexible telephonic case management (TCM) program can be structured to accommodate our client's needs with options such as TCMs working on-site at the employer/carrier’s office. Quinlan’s telephonic case managers' focus is to assure efficient and appropriate, goal-directed care by developing comprehensive case management plans that facilitate recovery and return to work efforts, as well as providing all required documentation of case work activities as appropriate for the client.

Catastrophic Case Management

Quinlan catastrophic case managers provide prompt case assessment of all incoming catastrophic cases to ensure initial treatment is swift and accurate. Case managers work closely with physicians, therapists, specialized vendors, family members, and insurance carriers to create an intricate, customized plan of care for patients with complex diagnoses—often with critical health issues. Case managers assist the patient and family in securing optimal care with the goal of achieving the best possible recovery.

Vocational Case Management

Quinan's vocational experts develop case-specific plans to expedite the injured worker’s return to gainful employment, while accommodating their physical capabilities and transferable skills.

Bilingual Case Management

Quinlan will provide necessary bilingual case managers in certain geographic locations to overcome language barriers. The case manager will work directly with the injured worker, physician/medical provider, employer, and attorney to facilitate and coordinate appropriate medical care and expedite a quick return-to-work.

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